Machine Stitched Bogu

Deluxe KOUKAJY bogu is designed for intermediate to advance Kendoka who is seeking a functional set for heavy training and tournaments. Using our JISSEN design, IBB duralumin gives a great balance and shock absorption to the MEN, while Nanamezashi stitching providing flexibility for shoulders moves in wider angle for striking the shinai. IBB duralumin can also be upgrade to Titanium and IBB Titanium as a choice for those who want more strength. Also #11000 Shoaizome and top grade Clarino reinforce the durability and functionality of the whole set. Top quality Mico-punch Clarino leather provides breathable KOTE, allow hands to dry faster than traditional palm. This is an ideal set to travel world wide.

Production time : Approx. 20 working days 

How to measure the bogu size?

A: Around the forehead
B: Around the chin
C: Waist size for DO width
D: Length of hand
E: Around the palm

Deluxe "KOUKAJY" 2mm/3mm Machine Stitched Set

USD 665.00
USD 665.00
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The following items are included:

    • 1 set of Top Quality Do Himo
    • 1 set of Top Quality Men Himo
    • 1 pair of Pair Chichikawa Men Leather
    • 1 pcs of 100% cotton Tenugui of our choice

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MEN BUTON#11000 Shoaizome
MENGANEIBB Duralumin / Titanium / IBB Titanium
BORDER STITCHNo Border Leather / Indigo Dyed Deer Leather
FUTON REINFORCEMENTTop Quality Clarino Leather
AGO4 Dan with X Line Silk Braided Embroidery
KOBUSHITop Quality Clarino Leather, natural cotton
PALMMicro-punch Clarino Leather
NAMAKOSingle Namako
FUTON REINFORCEMENTTop Quality Clarino Leather
MUNE LEATHERKurozan Leather
DO MATERIAL50 pcs YAMATO bamboo look DO
BORDERSTriple Fold
MAE OBI REINFORCEMENTTop Quality Clarino Leather
HIMODouble Fold
HIMO ENFORCEMENTTop Quality Clarino Leather
KAZARI6Dan of Hand Braided Silk Embroidery + Top Quality Clarino Leather
TARE REINFORCEMENTTop Quality Clarino Leather
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