Handmade Stitched Bogu

Same as "SATORI" 1.0bu TENSASHI set ,this 1.2bu TENSASHI “KENZEN” hand sititched bogu set is one of the luxury, long lasting and comfortable set we make. Tensashi hand stitching technique by our craft master gives many advantages to this hand stitches bogu : "shock absorption", "softness", "durability”, “flexibility” and “cushioning” and at the same time, it retains enough rigidity to keep a good shape.

Furthermore, with our rigorous selection on the materials and fabric use, including genuine Aizome deer leather of the futons , IBB titanium for Menkin and hand laquered DO-base, reinforcing the functionality and performance of whole set . "KENZEN" set are made in fine quality which consent to everyone.

Production time :60-90 days

How to measure the bogu size?

A: Around the forehead
B: Around the chin
C: Waist size for DO width
D: Length of hand
E: Around the palm

TENSASHI “KENZEN” 1.2bu Hand Stitched Bogu

USD 2,330.04
USD 2,330.04
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The following items are included:

  • 1 set of Top Quality Do Himo
  • 1 set of Top Quality Men Himo
  • 1 pair of Pair Chichikawa Men Leather
  • 1 pcs of 100% cotton Tenugui of our choice

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MEN BUTON#11000 Shoaizome
MENGANEFine quality IBB Titanium
BORDER STITCHNo Border Leather / Indigo Dyed Deer Leather
FUTON REINFORCEMENTGenuine Aizome Deer Leather
AGO6 Dan with Genuine Silk Braided Embroidery
-Nanamezashi, the Diagonal Sitiching , gives more flexibility to the Mendare. As the Mendare is easier to bend, it allows a wider range of movments. The shoulder is easier to move when swinging the shinai. It provides a good balance between comfort and protection.
-Menkin uses the IBB titaniumgives the flexibility of movement and functionality, emphasis on durability. It has the best force resistance design. It also provides the ideal best balance , yet it is light enough to allow mobility.
-Preimum quality of indigo dyed deer leatherreinforces the durablilty and the sofness of the futon. Deer leather is a long lasting and firm material to allow the bogu to quickly and completely dry well after used.
-Using #11000 shoaizome cottonas the material of futon gives the best shock absorption and rich in flexiblity and durablilty.
KOBUSHIGenuine Aizome Deer Leather , Deer Hair
PALMSmoked Deer Leather
NAMAKOSingle Namako
-Tenouchi (Palm leather for Kobushi) uses preimum quality of indigo dyed deer leather. It reinforces the durablilty and the softness of the kobushi, easier to control the hand movement, feel like grabbing the shinai without earing kote. It also give the advantage of both shock and water abosorption, it is breathable and long lasting. It is superior in functionality.
-Using #11000 shoaizome cottonas the material of Kote gives the best shock absorption, also rich in flexiblity and durablilty.
-1 Dankazari Namakopromise a smooth grip, flexible for wrist movement. With the nature of fabric , the padding is thick which becomes a cushion to guard the fist from Shinai, strongly protective from injury
MUNE LEATHERHigh Quality Kurozan Leather
DO MATERIAL60 pcs YAMATO bamboo look DO
BORDERSTriple Fold
- Kurozan black leather is used for Mune
- 3 lines silk braided embroidery for both sides, execellent for shock absorption.
- 60 pieces bamboo like (Yamoto) Do base is carefully assembled and hand-lacquered in japan
MAE OBI REINFORCEMENTGenuine Aizome Deer Leather
HIMODouble Fold
KAZARI8Dan of Hand Braided Silk Embroidery + Aizome Deer Leather with Cushion
-Mae-obi use top quality indigo dyed deer leatherwith #11000 shoaizome cotton, gives comfort and softness, reduces the attrition from body movement.
-Kazari use (8 Dankazari ) 8Linesof Hand Braided Silk Embroidery and indigo dyed deer leather with cushion. An emphasis on long-term attachment and mobility.
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