This Keikogi is made of traditional Shoaizome dyed cotton with TechDry lining. The fine quality extra soft cotton is durable and comfortable to wear. TechDry is an advance tech quick dry synthetic fabric. It reinforces the water absorption. The design allows the air to circulate throughout the Kendogi, keep you dry after training and keiko which make you feel clean from sweating. Suitable for all level Kendokas on training, keiko and tournaments.

*Pre shrunk process applied
*Top quality Shoaizome dyeing 
*TechDry Lining reinforce breathability and water absorption
* Additional padding on the shoulder to prevent the friction from Do himo
* Easy to wash and dry fast

Shoaizome Single Layer Keikogi with TechDry Lining

USD 84.42
USD 84.42
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Type Color Discoloration Laundry Shrinkage Material Size Suggest
Light Weight Keikogi Navy Blue , White Slightly Machine Wash Pre Shrink 100% COTTON Children to Adult Beginner , Daily Practice
Aqua Mesh Keikogi Navy Blue , White Slightly Machine Wash None Mesh Style cotton Elementary to Adult Heavy Practice , All Level Kendoka
Shoaizome Dyed Single Layer Keikogi Indigo Blue Yes Hand Wash Pre Shrink 100% Fine COTTON Elementary to Adult Experienced Kendoka , Tournment
Shoaizome Dyed Double Layer Keikogi Indigo Blue Yes Hand Wash Pre Shrink 100% Fine COTTON Elementary to Adult Experienced Kendoka, Tournment
Shoaizome Dyed Hand Stitches Keikogi Indigo Blue Yes Hand Wash None 100% Premium COTTON Elementary to Adult All Level Kendoka

"Shoaizome" Indigo Dye is a Japanese traditional dyeing process. It is an natural (organic) dye and it may bleed more than an artificial dye. It also effectively deodorant, anti-flea and druable.


Below is an instruction to wash the Gi and Hakama with care :

  • This hakama has already treated with non-shunk process. However, it is still recommanded to wash by hand.
  • Please do not use Dryer as well, hang dry naturally.
  • As the natrual fiber will bleed, please do not wash with other garment.
  • Please do not use soap or detergent more than once in a year. It will cause the damage of the texture and weaken the density.The color will also faded in a larger scale.
  • As the use of soap or detergent is not recommanded, please do not bleach the garment as well.
  • Wear a pair of plastic hand grove if you do not want your hand stained blue.
  • Fill in a plastic container with cold water, soak the Gi or Hakama completely. 
  • Gently scrub the Gi or Hakama for few minutes to wash away the dirt and sweat, then pour away the water in the container and refill with fresh water. Repeat this process a few times.
  • When completed the rainsing, hang dry the Gi or Hakama.