Ryuu means "Dragon". With thick Haribushi and thin Kensaki, it shifts the center of balance of the Shinai towards the Tsuka, and give the Shinai a sense of weightlessness as the Shinai sits comfortably in your grip.This Jissengata shinai is a very popular type to use for competitions or daily training. It is crafted with a sharpener in the distinctive way to build the thickness of Shinai. As a result, strength increases.It is made for speed, well balance and strength, and the name "RYUU" speaks for itself. This Jissengata shinai is a very popular type to use for competitions or daily training.

Deluxe "Ryuu" Jissengata Shinai

USD 66.09
USD 66.09
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Bamboo Type Keichiku
Assemble Set No. Options of sets provided.
Size Availability Men (37-39) , Ladies (37W-39W)
Production Period 2-10 days. Depends on quantity of order, the season and weather.
Tsuka (Grip) 39 - 26mm ,38 -25mm , 37 - 24mm , 39W - 24.5mm , 38W - 24mm , 37W - 23mm
Haribushi (Body) 135mm
Kensaki (Tip) 75mm
Our SSP shinais meet all AJFK quality and size standard. Please view the below size standard :
Shinai Size Length Weight for Men Weight for Ladies The thickness of the grip for Men The thickness of the grip for Ladies
36 1,110mm 370g or more 370g or more 24mm more 24mm more
37 For junior high school students 1,140mm 440g or more More than 400g 25 mm or more 24mm more
38 For high school students and ladies 1,170mm 480g or more 420g or more 26mm more 25 mm or more
39 For universities and adults 1,200mm 510g or more 440g or more 26mm more 25 mm or more
The Keichiku bamboo mainly grown in Taiwan and are harvested all year round. Today, majority of shinai are made of Keichiku bamboo.It is known to be solid and quality close to Madake because the fibre is fine and dense, so that the shinai is more durable. However, during the production process and the storage in the dry condition, which may remove some moisture and the natural oil from the shinai, which may result in splinter upon use.With over 30 years manufacturing Shinai of our factory, our Japan Made Keichiku Shinai are made of the top percentile of each seasonal harvest, and this is what distinguishes our Keichiku from the rest. With Okada’s Keichiku Shinai, you can still get the quality and value in return to bring out the best of your Kendo.

SSP Seal

Today in the shinai market, there are many different quality shinais are sold to the Kendokas. Without providing clear specification and source of the shinais, the shinais may not be up to standard and is unsafe to use. In order to prevent accidents in Kendo practice and tournments, which caused by poor quality of shinais , SSP (Shinai Safety Promotion) was introduced by All Japan Kendo Federation to distinguish the authenticity of the Shinai and only a few Kendo Manufacturing Companies have the right to carry this S.S.P Seal on their Shinais. SSP performs quality checked for shinai by AJKF before it can be sold in retail market throughout Japan. The SSP seal is issued when the bamboo and specification of the shinai meet the standards which are established by AJKF.As a result, shinai which has the SSP seal means both bamboo and specification are up to the standard and is safe to use.

Extra Oil Treatment
For all shinai, we give extra special plant-derived oil treatment before dispatched the shipment , this can reinforce the durablity and resistance from the dehydration. A process that will take 5 days to complete.